Results of the meeting «99,1%. How to work with Big Data with the maximum accuracy»

21 Декабрь 2016

Big Data - the most current, little-investigated and romantic theme in the retail sector. Do you agree? The collection direction, analyzing and monetizing data now taking the first steps not only Ukrainian, but also many world players. Big Data expertise of the speakers and participants of the forum «99.1%. «99,1%. How to work with Big Data with the maximum accuracy»» (December 15, Kyiv) - Further Insight into the meeting.
















Business in the search for Big Data expertise. Andrew YANBUKHTIN, Director of the delivery business MAFIA.


We have begun to actively change the mechanics of interaction with customers. For example, we are currently developing a new solution from the point of view of access to online platforms. Since MAFIA includes different restaurant projects, we have a lot of websites and mobile applications from which we want to give. The alternative - a website with responsive design where there is no registration and «My Account» client. All will function on a dynamic password. We want to achieve a result in which a customer orders a pizza or sushi, and the program will automatically pulls all delivery addresses to which he had previously made the order as well as forms for history courses. The system should work so that the client is sitting behind the wheel with one hand with a mobile phone made the order and went on about his business.



Intelligent systems in retail. Kirill RUDNEV, Director of Sales, SMART Business.


- The global penetration of technology is changing the world. Businesses need a single platform that covers all needs. Digital - is a change in the approach to building business.


- Digital effect on improving the customer journey, business process evolution and challenges of business models. For any industry has a startup that changes everything in this area such as Uber in passenger traffic. Companies which have not yet been on the market 20 years ago building a new model and its proper business management.


- Trends in digital in the near future: intelligent robots, Smart Data Discovery, Virtual Personal Assistance.




Big Data Case British insurance company Marketstudy. Maxim TERESHCHENKO, Product Owner in Zoomdata:


- Marketstudy - the British company that specializes in insuring vehicles and operates through a wide network of brokers and broker. Having decided to centralize the formation of insurance quotes and creating a single IT-service, the company faced with the rapid growth of data, the analysis of which could not handle the available technology at the time. It was necessary to create tools for: improved pricing scheme quotations; analysis of data from a single portal; search engine optimization fraud data. And Marketstudy find the necessary solutions. Two main secrets of success - in search of manual tools and IT-department sat down at one table, and the company has clearly defined objectives, which wants to solve with the help of Big Data technologies.



Optimizing data via the Internet catalog. Evgeniy SOLOVYOV, IT-entrepreneur


- Collect Big Data is not possible offline. Online platform Listex - source of master data for retail.


- On the platform there is information on each SKU: 3D-photo series of photos in the main angles, photos planograms, description and attributes availability in stock in retail stores and from suppliers (with or without prices).



The use of Big Data technologies within the company. Yegor SINELNIKOV, Expert analysts and information systems in the retail sector:


- Implementation of the project «ideal store» in company «ATB». Objectives - improving the efficiency of operational processes store; optimizing the number of store personnel; monitoring compliance with web standards.


Project Areas: staffing tables and graphs; tasking system; the atmosphere in the store; optimization of internal processes and operations; KPI system and motivation; monitoring standards of performance; Communication «The central office shop»; warehouse and inventory management.


Results: reduced payroll by 10%; staff productivity increase of 20%; increase in the average level of compliance with standards; as a result of the introduction of comprehensive initiatives turnover growth of 2%.



Working with data for more benefits. Igor KOLESNIK, Director of Trading Communication Network:

- In times of large piles of these is the desire to increase their effectiveness. Due to what? By changing the practices of working with them: in real-time, cloud-based systems, with the help of S&OP and collaboration.


- One solution: TORGBIZ - cloud service platform to ensure cooperation (collaborative) Business Partners at different levels of the supply chain.

- The platform allows for the consolidation of information, quality work with large volumes of data, to build operational reports on the movement and sale of goods at all levels.

- Using TORGBIZ, the client receives a single source CONSOLIDATED data online at the moment the availability of data, efficiency of use - PaaS.


Smartcard loyalty program as an effective tool for data collection and increase sales. MaximRONSHIN, Managing Partner inCust:


- Business of this - it's a business relationship. Today, retailers are moving to a new level - the level of direct communication with the buyer. InCust Platform provides a direct channel to the buyer due to the instantaneous connection of new customers to the loyalty program, modern methods of authentication and retain customers.



The main limitation of data collection offline. Eugene SAVCHUK, Digital-director


- The main tasks of the offline retail in 2016-2017. - Increase profits, increase in the number of clients and marginality. How to achieve this? The solution is the personal communication with the customer.


- In order to start the personalization, you must have three key elements: the complete data about the numbers are also available; comprehensive data on the client (loyalty card number, gender, age, food preferences, places places, etc.); financial data (what the customer pays in medium format for the provided goods or services).



How the analysis of the data helps to improve the social climate in the company. Case of DTEK. Konstantin PATSERA, Head of Analytical Boutique:


- DTEK - a vertically integrated company operating in the energy sector. Number of employees -127 thousands. The company regularly froze the basic indicators of the internal climate groups. In 2014 one of the study showed that in the context of overall growth has several companies with negative dynamics. What to do?


- It was launched a project to improve the performance of the social climate among employees of companies with negative dynamics to the average company within 6 months.


- Stages of the project: an anonymous survey of employees, factor analysis, the separation of employees into 4 segments; definition of the portrait of each employee; development loyalty calculator to determine which of the segments of the employee belongs.



Alexander STEPANOV, expert analysts and constructing B2B processes, Business Development Director:


- Big Data - the most valuable information that can be sold in any amount. Such giants like Tesco, Target, Dunnhambay long and successful work with the data.


- In Ukraine, working with Big Data is at the initial stage. Companies need to build business processes, promotion strategy. Closed or open data - a controversial issue, some retailers provide data down to the SKU. The battle should take place at the level of intelligent solutions for working with Big Data.



Eugeny PAVLYUCHKOV, Head of Integration Project management of the Corporation ATB:


- If you are in the company of no one who knows how to handle the data, they will not work.


- It is necessary to understand what exactly you need the data, and to build on this understanding.


- If using a system you could build the ideal data, it is not impossible to use them.



Natalya Shilova, Marketing Director of the Civil ARICOL:


- Work with the data begins with the presence / absence of the accumulated product stories for processing. If this story is not then the distributor of the algorithm for the introduction of a new product on the market is as follows: the creation of goals and objectives and preliminary judgment. They make a research on the Internet to confirm or refutepreliminary judgment. The next step - to discuss the result with its partners and if consensus is found to carry out the digitization of information, forecast demand / sale and go into retail. In most cases it does not apply to retail product stories created by a distributor with a grain of salt as the uniform standard for a new category does not exist.



Quantum physics and genius. Galina SHABSHAY, Certified Coach of the International Enneagram Association. Director of Creative Development Center Shabshai Upgrade System:


Quantum thinking is must have thing for the head of business and it has three features.


The first - versatility, the ability to simultaneously focus on diverse tasks.The second - the superposition of the negotiations and brainstorming. You have a team there are people with different types of thinking, it is therefore necessary. The second is the superposition of the negotiations and brainstorming. You have a team there are people with different types of thinking, so you need to set goals, based on these types. Third is telepathic business management. The number of new inventions and discoveries is increasing every year. You can pass the necessary information for the installation of other people on a mental level. Our future opportunities in our mind!






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