ATB-Market and Epicenter is among the most profitable companies in Ukraine

17 Октябрь 2016

The magazine «Top-100. Ratings of the largest» identified 100 most profitable industrial companies in Ukraine. The list includes two of the retailer.


To compile the rating magazine analyzed data on volumes of production and the financial statements are more than 3.3 thousand Ukrainian companies.


The top 500 companies are located according to the net income for 2015. The rating was made on the basis of statements of the individual legal entities. Financial holdings figures were tallied in a separate rating - the consolidated income groups.


The net profit of the 100 largest companies in 2015 was 73 551 million UAH. The average return on net sales - 11.11%.


The most profitable company on the basis of 2015 was the Southern Mining - 3486 million USD. However, the financial result is almost two times less than in 2014.


ATB-Market  has entered the top three with a net profit - 2 362 million UAH. The company Epicenter K took the 8th position with the figure of  1 810 mln. UAH.