Retail-digest of the chain stores opening in the first half of October in Ukraine

17 Октябрь 2016

The editorial office of MTG prepared the most important opening of stores in Ukrainian in the first half of October.


Drogerie chain PROSTOR in September opened  new stores in Poltava, Lviv, Odesa and Dnipropetrovsk regions. Their total area is 709, 27 sq. m.



PROSTOR – national drogerie chain stores which are widely represented in all regions of Ukraine. The first store was opened in 2005 in Dnepropetrovsk. Today the retail chain consists of more than 290 modern shops in 86 cities of Ukraine. The largest number of stores concentrated in Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Zaporozhe, Krivoy Rog and Kiev.


Chain stores «Nash Kray» announces the opening of 2 stores in Poltava and Kyiv region.



*«Nash Kray» - national chain stores which work in a food category. 


National drogerie chain EVA continues to strengthen positions and expand its geographic presence and opens 3 stores in Ukraine.


*EVA – is a national retail chain of stores for women in drogerie format. The company operates in the retail market since 2002.

Assortment - cosmetics, perfumes, personal care products, household chemicals, products for the care of children, jewelry and accessories. Also in the EVA retail chain represented 31 own brand.

The stores represented in 21 regions of Ukraine. The total trade area of the retail chain - more than 60 000 sq. m.


In Ivano-Frankivsk opened the first pharmacy of retail chain Watsons.



*Watsons is a National drogerie chain Watsons is one of the largest retail chain for health and beauty Ukraine. The company manages 414 stores and 28 stores in 112 cities of the country. More than 3,500 employees serve about 3 million consumers monthly.


The updated store national retail chain ATB opened after the reconstruction.  "This store is a platform for the introduction of the most advanced solutions in the retail trade, construction, and energy conservation. Used in the construction of the store, heat and energy recovery technologies allow insulation to save up to 70% on heating costs, "- said the company's press service.






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