Results of the meeting «Vlasna Marka : 2015». New ideas in the private label business

06 Июль 2016

The 7th annual National Project of Contract Manufacturing Development was held on the 4th of September in Kyiv (Ukraine). Ukrainian companies and experts from Belarus, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Portugal took part in this meeting.


Our Speakers: 





In the 1st half of 2015. 72% of Ukrainian households bought PL (+ 8% compared to the same period of 2014.). «The success of the PL is not directly associated with the  low price in comparison with trademarks - operates with data research Marina ZABARILO, Director of Consumer Panel Consumer Scan, GFK Ukraine.  Top 10 categories for the PL (share of private label in total category): vegetable oil (18%), cleaning products (14%), cheese (13%), tomato paste (12%), mayonnaise (10%), chocolate beverages (10%), margarine (9%), mustard (9%), biscuits (9%), toilet soap (9%).  



Private label should come out in mass communication, proceed to loyalty systems, in addition to be a brand in the minds of consumers the traditional . «Stand in the way of emotion while advancing the Private label» - recommends Andreу DLIGACH, Ph.D., Director-General of the Advanter Group. 



The share of private label FMCG sales in different channels (formatss) as follows: hypermarkets - 5.7 % ; supermarkets - 7.3 % , minimarkets - 8.8 % . Such data are voiced by Vitaly BRYK, Director of strategic development of Ukraine, Belarus, Nielsen.  



Lisa BOUMAN- ROCHER, International Expert (ER Consulting), for more than 18 years of experience in Private Label as part of large networks and production companies in the European markets (Germany, UK, Poland) , Canada, the United States and other countries  - convinced that the sale helps to nurture a continuous cycle of action on the part of the retailer.  



Important marketing and operational components of the increase in private label sales, which were acquired by the Expert personally for 16 years of work in retail chain TESCO - voiced Ela NOGA, Head of PL Central Europe and Turkey, TESCO (office in Poland).  


Rosana DOMINGUEZ, Strategic and analytical manager Daymon Worldwide (Portugal) , presented the basic concepts of innovative products , talked about how today most retailers meet the demands of the consumer , given the pace of life. 



Algirdas GAURONSKIS, Head of the department , purchasing food and non-food essential commodities major retailer Baltic origin Maxima Group, shared conceptions of development of its own brands in the Baltic countries, analyzed the spending requests and drew attention to the importance of the effective operation of the retailer and the manufacturer to create quality products PL. 





Dmitry KASHIRIN, Expert with over 20 years experience in retail, gave a presentation on the theme: the economy for the PL for retail chain and the supplier - the correct coordinate system. Mr. KASHIRIN opened Private Label question of economics: How to distribute the profit on the product STM between the retail chain and the producers? Where to focus efforts on the development?



Vyacheslav GOLOVCHENKO, Expert in import, National Manager for key customers PULSE, talked about how profitable contract for the supply of private label products, which are not produced in Ukraine. To conclude a lucrative contract on the import of goods, involving a mediator, it is necessary to proceed from the specific needs of each retail chain and each category manager.





Eugenia NOVOZHILOVA, Director of Export Certific, Lead Auditor «TUV Rheinland» and Sergey MOISEENKO, Director of «Advayzer-Biz» shared effective system of quality management methods, describing how to get an adequate assessment system that will be objective and reasonable for the retail chain and producer.






Ecatherina HORSEVA, Head of the Odessa office ZAMMLER,  developed a theme  of the production of private label goods on China factories. The expert noted that the Ukrainian market is still not fully understood, that in Ukraine there are companies who will to assist in finding a reliable and loyal business with Chinese suppliers of quality products and related certification.



About China as the world's Private label-factory and a huge sales market for our products of FMCG, said Roman KRIVOSHEEV, Director of Business Development in China and South-East Asia FIALAN. Today with Chinese manufacturers cooperate largest international retailers, and among the most imported products: footwear - 79.9%; toys - 78.5%; leather - 74.9%.


Anatoly KUZHEL, Owner and Director of consulting company «DeFacto», presented a unique service «Optimization» - a practical solution for the legal reduction of the tax burden. This product is at present not offered by any one law firm.



Victoria ILCHENKO, Business Analyst «Skyline Software», told how the manufacturer to ensure the release of commercially valuable products at optimum cost. Judge opened the topic by the example of the company «Danone Ukraine», where the system «1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management for Ukraine» has been successfully implemented.






Eugene EVTUKHOV, Successful businessman and the best DJ of Ukraine 2003-2005 (Known as DJ Sender) spoke about how to increase their productivity and become a productive leader, how to determine the master goal (something for which you live), and how to set goals, write them down, make small steps every day in relation to its goal.

On the event was also marked by the best leaders, companies and brands who have reached success in the development of  private label in period last year (August 2014 - August 2015).




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