Transformation of retail reality. Results «1+1=3 : MY TRADE-SYNERGY SIMPLE MATH»

01 Июнь 2016

A fundamental change of business model, the flexibility of thinking and synergy of the efforts of market participants - this is the action plan for the retail sector in the new economy.  About why retail  is sometimes «go out into the yard», beyond their own experience, resources, and ideas, told at business meeting experts «1 + 1 = 3: MY TRADE-SYNERGY SIMPLE MATH» - Simple math all the possibilities that can give the retailer of its business environment (May 19, Kiev, «Golf center»).





Andrey DLIGACH, Ph.D., Director-General of the group of companies, Advanter Group said on what will focus retail in the future.


First, retailers need to reduce the number of products and projects and  pay special attention to the attitude towards the customer, the customer to engage in their business.


Secondly, the war with suppliers, hope for loyalty programs and payment deferral - is the past. Future - for the new way of thinking, finding innovative solutions and technologies.


In 2017-2018 business will be based on innovative solutions, trust and openness. Therefore, retailers must begin to manage not sales, and relationships.



Oksana PARASKEVA, Investor Relations Agency Partner, noted that the new economy demands from retailers for serious changes. Trying to change its business model retailers carried out a redesign of shops, change the format, expanding the range. Nevertheless, the crisis - is not so much time reviewing and upgrading concepts as the transformation of business models, models of decision-making, risk control. Institutional investors prefer a centralized management model. At the same time private investors more inclined to invest in small businesses to integrate mobility investment decisions with the mobility of operational changes in the business.


The company should be ready to create a new pro-European business model, ensuring transparency and accountability, the fight against corruption and bribery. Transform patriotism energy in economic nationalism in the framework of the activities of the companies strategies. Revisit the risk map. Create a matrix of severity. Priorities - crisis planning and management through the socialization of involvement in the business processes of the company stakeholder.




The very understanding of the need for change - now an essential condition in order to start to change. This sure Boris STARINSKIY, Managing Partner of GC «INTALEV», expert TOC and new technologies.


At the moment, the main technological trends among retailers can be distinguished: fast and affordable Internet, cloud computing, social networking, Big DATA, Internet of Things, robots, artificial intelligence, 3D-printers, virtual and augmented reality. Ex-proper use of these resources will help retailers reach a new level. However, the need for change is associated with factors such as mental limitations. To overcome these limitations, the expert advises to pursue a policy of openness and to understand clearly: the company can achieve high results, moving away from an outdated paradigm.




Vitaly TKACHENKO, Marketing Director of «WOG-retail», said that the future of retail, which is focused on consumer preferences. That is why retailers need to go beyond their usual «vision» and to understand what the customer really wants. The expert is confident that in the near future refills format thing of the past, as popular are electric. After 10-15 years, fueling turn into recreation areas, so the company is betting on its WOG-cafes and shops to satisfy customers.


Mr. TKACHENKO said that the company's main marketing resource - hot line, so it is to provide reliable information about the proposals and issues customers.





Business format can not be copied if the business is based on respect for the client. Such a promise gave to participants of the meeting Andrey YANBUKHTIN, Business Consultant, expert development and implementation of IT-strategies. Comfortable and smart (!) service decides whether to come to you the buyer will want again and again. The fact that in business there are no trifles, expert showed example, a number of Ukrainian retail players, offering to compare the level of service on the principle of «WAS» (situation today) and «BE» (the idea of how to do).




In turn, Alexander TOTSKIY, ELX Commercial Director, said that the key to successful sales is also the right light at the point of sale. Therefore the choice of lighting equipment - one of the key issues when creating a store concept. ELX specializes in creating professional commercial lighting - the lighting project to its implementation. And cooperates with the world's leading manufacturers of lighting components, such as OSRAM, Seoul Semiconductor, Panasonic. The main task for us - it is to apply the products in the most favorable light, to make it the most fully reveals the qualities that are valuable to a potential buyer. Among ELX customers such retailers as «Citrus», «Budinok іgrashok», Arber, Fozzy C & C and others.



In order to effectively build processes within the company, as well as interacting with a partner, retail players need to choose the right strategy. His expert opinion on the evolution of strategies for retail shared Alexander STEPANOV,  Expert of  professional analysts and information systems in retail. Today it is necessary to be able to negotiate with our partners, to discuss with them issues openly, without thinking stereotypically. The correct, consistent analysis of Big Data allows the retailer to understand the basic customer preferences and to understand in which direction it needs to move.




As a retailer and its suppliers can reach a new level of performance in implementing its «1 + 1» rule «flexible logistics» - a topic presented Ekaterina GRISHINA, Commercial Director of «Delivery». Logistics - a litmus test, a universal indicator to determine the status of the business environment. Previously, supply chain looks like this: shop - warehouse, delivery large, 3-5 times per month, the warehouse, its sorting, the question - the price / time. Now: shop - shop delivery of medium and small frequent rejection of its warehouse in favor of maintenance responsibility, the question - the price / flexibility.




Zahar DIKHTYAR, IT-entrepreneur, presented FMCG-marketplace - aggregator of goods, descriptions, proposals FMCG-products for all participants in the supply chain. Unified encyclopedia consumer goods Listex allows you to manage a showcase, inventory, commodity content using the public Internet directory.



Dmytriy YABLONOVSKIY, Head of Financial Research GfK Ukraine, told how to maintain the level of consumption today with the help of online sales. Today, for the retailer's online sales is an additional possibility of communication with customers. Online shopping is not necessary to complicate customerjourney buyer to maintain their consumption habits to be emotional and do not forget to appeal to the values of offering new brands.



Denis SHEVCHUK, Business development manager, SMART business, presented a modern IT-solution for customer journey and holistic customer experience.The expert is sure that any sales channel used must be of the same interaction experience for the customer.In the near future, retailers will be «rewarded» for buyers of their activity and involvement, and not for purchases. Therefore, an innovative loyalty program LSNav, developed by SMART business will provide convenient access for customers, a single price for all channels and personalized marketing.




On the construction of the ideal phone system in the sales department told Paul FLEISCHER, Director of Development Binotel - communication platform for customers. The company provides telephony services with a set of smart tools to improve sales and customer service levels, as well as solutions for communication with customers on the Internet. In 2016 the company launched its own CRM-system, On-line chat - widget to communicate with clients on site and service for the determination of effective advertising sources - Binotel Call. Today 2800 companies use solutions Binotel and 1.2 million. People every day to communicate through the operator services.



The fact that his client should not only listen but also hear, said Andrei KUZMENKO, CRM-expert. Why do the majority of promotional mechanic do not give the real efficiency? The problem is in the logic of thinking retailers. Network Position: only we are our client; We have only our promo; is our action plan; we know better what the client needs right now. Retailers need to focus on gathering information about the customer when he shares information in the store, hotline, website, etc. Companies need to enrich their profile. The main thing - to realize that will provide new knowledge.